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5 Games like Overwatch Android, iOS 2018

7 Phenomenal Video Games Like Overwatch

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games like Overwatch

Overwatch is a fantastic squad based game where you play in the multiplayer environment with your team. The game also introduces first-person shooter elements here you choose from the given heroes to include them as your team. Each hero comes with its own power and skills. Categories selection also happens where you select among the Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support.

Gameplay is team based where two teams play against each other having six players in their team. So the games that I am going to mention here are the games like Overwatch. This article is going to solve your trouble if you want alternatives to try.

5 Best Games like Overwatch You Should Play (2018)

#1 Paladins


A game that is very rich in graphics and overall performance. Here the players join the heroes for shooting purpose. The environments are a blend of fantasy and ancient technology that you use in combats. There are modes too that you can choose to play such as that Paladins Battlegrounds.

Gameplay is selecting the team of heroes as per their abilities and control them in the combats. These heroes can be customized too, and there are side quests too, and on completion, you get several rewards, weapon skins, and other add-ons.

#2 LawBreakers


A somewhat fast-paced game that requires your full attention to the strategies making and moves. The game seems similar to any FPS mentioned on this list and this way it covers among the Overwatch like games. Here the skills of your heroes decide your victory and the pace at which you release your actions.

Gameplay brings you modes that you can choose and experience different objectives. Here the objectives remain centre map based where you pick up the object and then make the return journey before the opponent team.

#3 Splatoon 2


The second version of the platoon that was originally for Wii U. this one brings the paint splashing that you can experience on the Nintendo Switch. There are several forms to choose such as co-op game modes, versus, and single player if ever you feel like playing alone.

Gameplay includes combats where you fight against the opponent and get a weapon that is able to throw the ink and make splashes. It is also a team-based gameplay where you follow the maps to achieve missions and your target. The fast-paced keep players more active and excited

And there are other features too than just the speedy paint.

#4 Dirty Bomb


Another great video game where your team’s support is the vital part of your victory. For the genre and same elements, it is something really exciting that no fan of Overwatch should skip trying. There are giant maps having objectives all around where you encounter battles against the opposite team using the heroes of different abilities, and hence this game makes it place among the Overwatch like games.

Gameplay gets started once you choose your team having abilities like medic, assault, recon, fire support and engineer. Just take care of the pace, and you will achieve great gameplay having all these enemies down. Players also get speedy movements and jumping abilities.

#5 Gotham City Impostors


FPS game that brings you the amazing multiplayer environment and the platform ability of Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3 make it very much loved among the fans. The game guarantees to be a fun experience where players enjoy a lot attacking the opponent in the MMO mode.

Gameplay includes all the modern aspects that you can expect in any similar game like XCOM. Here the opposite team gets a joker dressing while the player’s team gets batman attire. So undoubtedly it is going to be fantastic gameplay if you choose this one.

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