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5 Games like XCOM PS4, Android 2018

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games like XCOM

X-COM brings you the science fiction world where the player is tasked regarding the alien invasions on Earth. Here the gameplay remains for managing the real-time and use turn-based attacks. You just choose your role and get to the organization working for protecting the planet from aliens.

Well, this article is not about XCOM, but it features games like XCOM, and if you are on this page that means you are looking for the similar games just like XCOM. Now, without taking the topic further let's go straight to the alternatives and know more about them.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Similar Games

#1 Frozen Synapse


The game gets you the same elements just like XCOM, so this can be your first choice as an alternative. Here your every mission will be against the government that is cruel in every form. Several campaigns also happen in the way that you complete and go along with the play.

Gameplay combines real-time strategy and turn-based tactics for the combats. Also, you can either play in singleplayer and brighten your abilities or join the multiplayer where a massive world with payers is waiting for you. As the fights are turn-based so you will find enough time to be prepared for your next move.

#2 Silent Storm


Here you will find familiar things, and that is why it is here among the XCOM like games. The game's storyline is based on the World War II factors that take place in the environment of Europe. You can also see some science fiction elements that always make it a charm to play.

Here gameplay means going through World War II happenings and also using the advanced technology in order to dominate the world. Players create their teams or troops that can have six soldiers at maximum. Using the different roles as a medic, scout, soldier, sniper, etc. you take the journey further.

#3 Templar Battleforce


The game takes place in the futuristic settings where combats are a major part of the gameplay. There you can feel RPG elements that always keep the aura exciting. The ability to play it on your phones give it a fantastic fan following.

Gameplay is about strategies with RPG elements majorly where you prepare your force to fight against the opponent or every odd thing. Here you can find long length campaigns having several scenarios that keep the game interesting. There are boss battles too if you want something more challenging and it all happens in an open world.

#4 Breach & Clear


As it is understandable by the title, here player’s only mission is to clear out all the building by breaching them and kill off the enemies. There are several angles for breaching, and it involves tactical gameplay, and that’s why it seems like another XCOM.

Gameplay requires you to make your moves efficiently to catch the enemies. Strategy making also takes place where your move should be a planned one to get the victory. Having all these fights and breaching make it so much enjoyable that you can play even for hours.

#5 Fire Emblem Awakening


The final one that shares the same idea like XCOM and hence it stays on the list of XCOM like games. The game features Korean like characters where applying efficient tactics can make you a winner in every mission. The graphic, characters with all their aspects are pretty amazing that you can enjoy just after customizing the character for gender, hair, and several other things.

Gameplay feels great as players here can set the difficulty level as per their capacity. Here you can explore, set your paths, complete quotes and also the planet of side missions. This is like a form of XCOM that brings you a deep adventure.

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